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I've been involved with books all my life, starting with summer reading programs at six years old.

My professional career with books started at university, where I moved to the "big" city and discovered my first independent bookstore. After shopping there a couple of years, the owners offered me a part-time job.

Sadly, my first little independent is no more, but I went on to work for a small chain of bookstores and then another independent store, where I'm currently the manager, events co-ordinator, and assistant buyer. I also had a stint as the regional sales rep for a group of small publishers. In total, I have more than a decade's experience in the bookselling industry.

This blog started as a reading diary, to help me keep track of what I was reading and to be able to go back at remember what I thought of it at a later time. An alphabetical list can be found here.

As I made friends on LiveJournal, I started making more personal posts about my life and my work on my own novels.

My thanks to thefulcrum for the lovely layout and paledestiny for the Scarlet Pimpernel mood theme. Now, if only I could make them work together.

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